Possible longterm legal repercussions for working at a VC firm?

I got an offer to work fulltime as a VC associate after I graduate. I also have aspirations to be a startup founder, and have a background in engineering. If I join a VC firm and leave after a few years to found a startup and it becomes successful, what are the chances that the VC firm will sue or something of that nature? Obviously I wouldn’t steal any tech or specific ideas, but it is very likely that I will be conducting due diligence on companies that are within my industry and markets of interest. Thoughts?

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VC’s of Reddit – Recruiting Related ?’s

My staffing firm is expanding our partnerships with VC’s. We work with a lot of early stage companies on a range of technical and non-technical roles. Many of the startups we work with have VC’s that have recommended firms, though it seems like they mostly recommend the big staffing firms, with lackluster results for the hiring company. We wanted to offer a deal to the vc’s to offer us to their portfolio, but so far marketing to VC’s has not returned strong results. This seems like a win-win proposition considering we only get paid if we provide results, which would grow the investments. So, why would that not want us to compete to fill their portfolios vacancies? What would be the best way to effectively market this to VC’s?

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